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Aditya rohmadoni, Mundzakir

Deprivation in Indonesia is still utilized by families as a tool to deal with clients with mental disorders in the houses. Based on the WHO, 41 million people in Indonesia are experiencing a mental disorder. This is due to the deprivation of such families to prevent violence from the clients’ actions whereof dangerous for themselves or others. The aim of this research is to determine the factors that influence the families deprived their family members with mental disorders at Menur Mental Hospital Surabaya. This research used a cross-sectional analytic study design with the design of a retrospective approach. The population in this research is the families doing deprivation at Menur Mental Hospital in Surabaya. The sampling technique used is simple purposive sampling. 10 families who were became respondents in this research. The dependent variable of this research is the deprivation, while the independent variable is a recurrence, the knowledge and the family economy. The data in this research obtained through questionnaires and observations, then analyzed using multiple linear regression that Ho is rejected and H1 is accepted by the significant value of recurrence p = 0.023, p = 0.022 knowledge, and economic p = 0.033. The result of this research is showed that out of 10 respondents deprived the family by reasons of families’ ignorance, patients’ relapse, and families’ economics. Of the three factors, the knowledge factor affects the deprivation events undertaken by the family due to lack understanding of how to deal with patients with mental disorders. The relapse factors were affecting the incidence of recurrence deprivation performed by family; family deprivation done to avoid patients with mental disorders at the time they are run amuck. The economic factors were affecting the deprivation events performed by the family; the family's economic barrier to help cure patients in treatment induces the families do deprivation to the patients.

The results of this research are the relapse of the patients, families’ knowledge and economy have great influence on the deprivation carried by the families with mental disorders at Menur Mental Hospital Surabaya.

Keywords: Family, deprivation, the knowledge and economy

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