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Aulia Kurniawati, Gita Marini

Objective: Children with learning disability are those who have difficulties in learning which includes understand using spoken or written language. The difficulty is seen in terms of listening, thinking, reading, writing, and spelling. Learning disabilities can also include difficulty solving math problems. Children with learning disabilities are at high risk for having poor social skills and have a poor self-confidence and during depressive anyway, so the difficulties associated with peers. Which then can also stoping development of school age children (6-12 years old). This study aimed to analyze the internal factors and external factors associated with learning disabilities in school-age children (6-12 years old).

Methods: A cross-sectional design approach. With total sampling technique, a total sample of 20 respondents in SDN Komplek Kenjeran II Surabaya regular Class. Independent variables form of an internal factor which consists of intelligence and sex and external factors is genetics. and the dependent variable that is learning disability. Data were collected through questionnaires and data summary sheet of the results of students' psychological evaluation test.

Results: Data were analyzed using multiple linear regression with significant p <α = 0.05. Results of multiple linear regression showed that there is a relationship between internal factors and external factors with learning disabilities in school-age children with significant p-value = 0.009 and a correlation coefficient R = 0.170. It can be concluded that the relationship between internal factors and external factors with learning disabilities in school- age children (6-12 years old) is very strong.

Conclusion: Parents and Teachers with learning difficulties children should be help to learn new things more demonstrated in form of a real object, not form of an abstract explanation, and focus on reading skills.

Keywords: Internal Factors, External Factor, Learning Disability

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