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Farach Elsera Fitriana Indotang


Women are quite vulnerable for being attacked by cancer which is terrifying for most women. Patients who has just diagnosed respond with anxiety and fear due to negative attitudes about cancer even when the prognosis is good. Psychological and physiological effects will cause changes in self-concept such as body image and lifestyle. The support of family has an important role for the individual in facing the challenge of everyday life as well as for ca mammae patients. Besides the support of family, a mechanism which is owned by the ca mammae patient can affect their psychologies. The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between the support of family and the patients coping mechanism.This study is an analytical correlation with cross-sectional design with 32 ca mammae patients’ population in public healthcare centre in district Semampir Surabaya. The purposive sampling technique is used with sample size of 30 patients. The independent variable in this study is the support of family and the dependent variable is the patients’ coping mechanism. The data from the questionnaire as a research instrument was analysed using chi square SPSS 20 test with significant level (ρ <0.05).The results identified that family support from 19 respondents (63.3%) which is fewer categories. Patients coping mechanisms were as many as 22 respondents (73.3%) with adaptive mall category. The test results obtained spearmen rank ρ = 0,00 <0,05 so that H0 is rejected and H1 is accepted which indicates a relationship.The conclusion is that there was a relationship between the support of family and patients’ coping mechanism. It is expected to families and health care professionals to support and motivate ca mammae patients.

Keywords: the support of family, patient coping mechanism, ca mammae patients

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