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Kholish, Musrifatul Uliyah

When facing retirement some people feel calm, but often someone feels anxious and even depressed. This is caused by psychological factors, economic, social prestige and status in society. The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between retirement age up to the level of depression in Kraton District of Bangkalan. Design analytical research using cross sectional approach is used in this study. Population in this research is 35 respondents and consists of 32 samples of retired elderlies willing to become respondents. by using a sampling technique, Simple Random Sampling. The instrument used is a questionnaire. Presentation of data using a pie chart with tabulation and Spearman Rank test with ρ> α = 0.05. Results of the study of 32 elderly pensions showed that 23 respondents (72%) aged 55-60 years occurred early retirement, 14 respondents (44%) had moderate depression. Based on the test results of Spearman Rank, HI is acceptable, meaning that there is a significant correlation between the retirement age up to the level of depression (ρ = 0.007 <α = 0.05). Based on the research results, it can be concluded that there is a correlation between the retirement age up to the level of depression. To the need to make preparations before the retirement age, an elderly must deal with it in a relaxed, closer to God, and do something that has economic value.

Keywords: retirement, depression, elderly.

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