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Umam, Reliani

Individuals  who  have  hallucination  often  assume  that  the  source  or  cause  of  the hallucinations is come from the environment, whereas primary stimulation of hallucination is the psychological necessary for self-protection to against traumatic events. Therefore it is needed  a  technique  to  control  the  negative  stimulation  such  as  technique  to  control hallucination. The purpose of this study was to know the effect of hallucination technique control  abaout the abality of scizofrenia client to control their hallucination in Public Health Putat Jaya Surabaya. The design of this study was preexperimental design one group pre post test design. The population were 12 respondents in the Public Health Putat Jaya Surabaya. They were taken by purposive sampling technique. Data was analyzed by Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test Test with α <0.05. The results showed that there was improvement in the ability to control hallucinations. It was prooved by a total of 9 people were low classification in hallucination control,  they decreased to 3 were low classification to control hallucination. Base on statistical analysis was ρ = 0.002 <α = 0.05.  H0 was rejected and H1 was accepted which  means  there  was  difference  before  and  after  they  were  given  the  halllucination technique control by recearcher. With the existence of this study are expected in health care workers to more actively apply control techniques efficiently, especially with patients who are in a community spirit.

Keywords: hallucinations, schizophrenia

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