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The disease of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) has been being the cause of death, for the

DHF disease which is not soonly handled will cause Hemoconcentration. Patient with DHF, when experiencing hemoconcentration will be having unbalanced liquid so they will get hipivolemik shock, therefore the giving of liquid therapy to patient with DHF early is very effective to prevent hipovolemic shock to occur and reduce the number of death of patient with DHF.

This research is case studying which applied nursing action in nursing upbringing and used one respondent child N who was cared at child room in Muhammadiyah Hospital of Gresik with medical diagnose of DHF degree 1. Technic of data analyzing wich used was descriptively, data were obtained from observation of physical check-up, laboratory, and medical track.

From the result of observation of the giving of liquid therapy to prevent shock for child with Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever at child room in Muhammadiyah Hospital of Gresik for three days, it is not seen the signs of shock in child namely “N “and from the result of laboratory for three days, there is also no signs of urgency of shock. Based on the data analyzing it can be conclude that the giving of liquid Kristaloid RL therapy for patient with DHF degree 1, because it is able to fill the leakage of plasma so there is no reduce of trombosit which is caused by the process of DHF disease. Therefore the giving of liquid therapy early to patient with DHF is very effective so the patient would not experience higher degree of DHF.


Keyword: liquid therapy, prevent shock, DHF

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