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Breastfeeding in Indonesia has not been fully implemented, one of which is the constraint of exclusive breastfeeding for working mothers. In the working mother, the short duration of maternity leave / give birth before the result of exclusive breastfeeding ends have to return to work, these conditions encourage mothers to stop breastfeeding and give early complementary feeding her baby. The study aims to analyze the influence of health education with media flip chart the behavior of breastfeeding women workers in PHC Sidotopo Wetan Surabaya. Research carried out for 8 months. This study design is experimental design One Group Pre-test Pr-posttest design. Its population is women workers who are breastfeeding infants aged 3-12 months in health centers Sidotopo Wetan Surabaya as much as 38 mothers. Samples were taken using simple random sampling technique as much as 35 mothers. The collection of data were done by giving questionnaires and observation. The results of analysis by Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test with significance level α (0,05) = 0.000, the conclusions in the can is the value 0.000 <(α = 0,05), means that Ho is rejected or there is a significant difference in the behavior of breastfeeding before treatment and after treatment, which means that there is the effect of health education with media Flip Chart to increased feeding behavior Women workers in PHC Sidotopo Wetan. Expected health workers in implementing health education and media attention to methods that suit their needs so that the information provided may change health behaviors in depth.

Keywords: Flip Chart, Behavior Breastfeeding, Women Workers

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