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Iqonul Himam, Pipit Festy,Suyatno Hadi Saputro

Nurse is as educator on duty to provide good teaching in the clinical environment, community, school, and community health centers. The role of educator mostly carried out at the time of discharge planning, but the level of patient adherence to treatment of chronic diseases is generally low, so many patients have recurrence in their sickness. Based on the results of early research in hospitals is in internal poly of Dr.H. Moh. Anwar hospital of Sumenep there were 20 patients when carrying out a preliminary study on patient adherence to control showed 9 (45%) of patients did routinely control, whereas 11 (55%) patients did not routinely control, if there is a complaint only, while 15 nurses or overall (100%) already provided discharge planning. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship of the nurse educator role in the implementation of discharge planning at the level of patient adherence to control in internal poly of Dr.H. Moh. Anwar Hospital of Sumenep.The research method used cross sectional. The populations were 85 patients at the time to control at internal poly of Dr.H. Moh. Anwar Hospital of Sumenep. The sample used the simple random sampling. The collection of data used a questionnaire. Analysis of the data used statistical test of Fisher's Exact Test with significance level α <0.05.The results showed as many as 58 patients (68%) carried out discharge planning properly, whereas 69 patients (81%) comply with time control. This study showed no significant relationship between the nurse educator role in the implementation of discharge planning with adherence of patients to control through the test Fisher's Exact Test (r = 0.669 and ρ = 0.000 <α = 0.05).The research recommended the hospital to improve the nurse's role as an educator so well to communicate; discharge planning and patient become a routine control.

Keywords: Nurse Educator Role, Patient Compliance Level

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