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Romadloni, Nur Mukarromah

Serviks cause the first death in woman, it is predicted about 300-350 people who is affected serviks of cancer every years. Diagnose of serviks give emotional trauma for patient so it make many reactions for disease which are suffered. The goals of this research want to know the effect interventions of islam psicospiritual increase quality of suffered live in Indonesia cancer foundation chapter east java.  Research  design  which  is  used  in  this  research  is Preexperimental Design One Group Pre Post Test Design.Population which is researched is suffering of serviks in Indonesia cancer foundation chapter east java. Sampling technique of this research is simple random sampling. Statistic experiment use wilcoxon signed rank test a= 0.05. The Result of statistic analize wilcoxon signed rank test is quality of suffered live: p- value = 0,001< a= 0,05. It means Ho is refused and H1 is accepted, it means there are  effect of quality of live. The result of this research can be concluded there are effect of islam phsycospiritual intervention to increase quality of live in physical domain, physicologis, social  and  environmental.  With  this  research  is  supposed  to  medical  official  can  give psycospiritual intervention to increase quality of live in sampling give therapy for medicine.

Keyword: Serviks cancer, Quality of live, Phsycospiritual


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