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Cancer not only give a physic pain, but also give a psychological pain. If physic disturbance is identical by indication of painful, queasy, whitish till bleeding and organ complication, than psychological disturbance is identical by symptom depression, nervous, fell so old and useless. Anxiety on cervical cancer victim is a psychological side that is experienced cervical cancer victim after they are stated diagnosed by cervical cancer. Guided imagery technique one kind of relaxation technique to decrease anxiety grade someone that use the power of thought. The purpose of this research is the influence of guided imagery technique to anxiety grade of cervical cancer victims at halfway house Sasana Marsudi Husada Indonesian cancer foundation of east java. Design of research that used in here is Pre-experimental Design One Group Pre Post Test Design. Population that researched is 15 cervical cancer victims that is took by using purposive sampling technique. Analysis use statistic test of Wilxocon Signed Rank Test with grade significance α < 0,05. They result of research is there is descent anxiety grade. The anxiety grade before give relaxation of 14 respondent, most of them is undergoing anxiety, 9 respondents in medium anxiety and 5 respondents are in light anxiety. And after given a relaxation there are 8 respondent get free of anxiety and 6 respondent are to light anxiety. The result of analysis statistic is obtained score ρ = 0,001 < α = 0,05 mean H0 is rejected and H1 is received. It mean there is an influence of guided imagery technique to anxiety grade of cervical cancer victims. According to result of analysis, researcher can conclude that guided imagery technique is influential to anxiety grade in cervical cancer victims.

Keyword: Guided imagery, anxiety, cervical cancer

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