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Citra Pataha Yuemi, Mundakir

Objective: The fine motor skills are activities that trains smooth muscles of the fingers and hand in moving skills can provide the ability to improve physical skills involving the small muscles and hand. With this therapy the child is expected to be able to act therapy. The researchers' goal is Studying the effect of occupational therapy (diorama images) of fine motor skills for children of mild mental retardation in sdlb / c akw kumara ii surabaya Methods: Research design used in this study is Pre-Experimental Design One Group Pre - Post test design. Population studied 9 children by using sampling techniques saturate the entire sample taken  9  children.  The instrument  used is the observation sheet, statistical analysis using the Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test Test with significance level of p <0.05 with spss16.

Results: The results  after occupational  therapy (Diorma Photo) obtained almost entirely classified as good by 7 respondents (78%) and none was classified as less as much (0%). Results of statistical tests Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test for fine motor show significant p value = 0.008 <α = 0.05 is no effect between occupational therapy (Diorama Figure) to increase fine motor skills in children with mental retardation mild grade 4 at the mild mentally disabled SDLB / C AKW kumara II surabaya.

Conclusion: Given this research is expected to families and teachers need to play an active role in helping trains mentally retarded child and so do the skills well

Keywords: fine motor, Occupational Therapy, Children's Mental Retardation.


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